Here at CafeFuel we built this one of a kind Honda CX650 . The Honda CX series were developed and released by Honda in the late 1970s, with production ending in most markets by the mid 1980s. The design included innovative features and technologies that were uncommon or unused at the time such as liquid cooling, electric-only starting, low-maintenance shaft drive, modular wheels, and dual CV-type carburetors that were tuned for reduced emissions. The electronic ignition system was separate from the rest of the electrical system, but the motorcycle could only be started via the start button.

It might have been a modern bike in its day but fast forward to 2020 and it has got really outdated . Well we changed that and we brought character and looks back into the CX650 . With a keyless ignition fitted it sure turns heads being able to light up the clocks without having to turn a key . From the fuel tank to the foot-pegs  and exhausts we brought 1984 Back to the future .

This Bike is a dream to ride with its sleek design and nimbleness. It is perfect for them winding roads and late summer nights .

You don’t have to sit and dream about owning the CafeFuel Honda CX650 because it can be yours. Get in touch today if you would like to own a piece of art .

Take a look below and see a beautiful showcase of the build and the prestigious parts!